Nita nears employment record

Facilities and Client Service Manager Nita Leigh cuts the celebration cake on Wednesday. Photos: Geoff McLeod

Anyone who has walked through the Law Society House doors in the past 40 years will probably recognise or know Nita Leigh.

The Facilities and Client Services Manger celebrated 40 years of service at the Queensland Law Society this week, making her the Society’s second longest-serving employee. She will surpass former QLS Secretary Beryl Donkin’s service record in eight months.

CEO Matt Dunn said Nita’s 40 years of service was “truly amazing and exemplary” at Wednesday’s staff morning tea, where she was presented with gifts and cut a cake to mark the occasion.

Nita and QLS staff also took a trip down memory lane as Matt spoke about her time with the Society since 1984, when the dollar coin came into being.

She started as a casual filing clerk for the law claims teams on a casual basis and simply stayed on.

“I haven’t finished the journey. You’ve got me for a bit longer. I started my journey at the Law Society in a junior role. I came for six weeks,” Nita said to much laughter at Law Society House.


“I was employed because I had neat handwriting, which has gone down the gurgler ever since. That was what I was to do – write on files with neat handwriting. But no one ever told me to go, so I just kept coming.

“They used to give me a different job and a different job, and here I am today.

“I’ve enjoyed every minute at the Law Society. I live and breathe the Law Society because I’m here all the time. The Law Society has been extremely good to me, so they have taken me through some pretty tough times in my life and they’ve taken me through some good times in my life.

“They’ve given me opportunity. I got diploma in project management and QLS supported me through that. So there is growth within the place and there’s movement, and I’m testament that coming from writing on files to running the whole show (turning to her GM saying) – well maybe today anyway.”

Matt said Nita had turned obstacles into opportunities over the years, working in many different official roles such as records, finance (co-ordinating and selling Proctor advertising) and administration manager, as well as some unofficial roles such as founding member of the QLS Social Committee, choir conductor, horticulturalist and furniture removalist.

“It’s an amazing moment and it’s really a matter of pride and honour to recognise such a milestone. A 40-year work anniversary is really quite an amazing time – that’s a lot of dedication and a lot of commitment, and a lot of loyalty to QLS,” he said.


“Now it’s a journey that really speaks volumes about the character and spirit of the person we are honouring today.

“From the day you walked through the doors, your passion for work was evident and you brought not just your skills and experience but a contagious enthusiasm that has inspired all of us over the years.”

Nita Leigh Way, the easement which runs next to Law Society House, was named in her honour when she marked 30 years with the Society.

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  1. Congratulations, Nita. An amazing milestone! I always love seeing your smiling face when I attend QLS.

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