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Our values are intrinsic to how we interact with the world and how we define ourselves as individuals – so why wouldn't we apply this theory to the way we nourish our bodies? According to Dietitian Hannah Wilson, these core values should inform our nutrition goal setting and assist us in achieving holistic wellbeing.
Hannah Wilson
As a dietitian, you’d think I would be 100% all over how to manage my nutrition during the busy weeks. Looking after my own health has been something experienced through trial and error.
Hannah Wilson
December and January are loaded with family, fun, food, drinks and spontaneity. If you’ve set yourself some key health or performance goals across this time, then you could be feeling anxious about getting through the next couple of months.
Hannah Wilson
They’re everywhere: low carb and no-carb diets for weight loss. However, like with any diet or trend, we need to know the risks and how to meticulously manage them. One of the prominent risks of a low/no-carb diet, especially when actioned without the supervision of a professional, is impaired memory and cognitive function. Here's what the science says...
Hannah Wilson

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