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Michele is a self-confessed succession nerd and a writer, researcher, educator and speaker. Having dedicated her career to all things succession and elder law, Michele spent 9 years practising exclusively and specialising in succession and elder law. Michele has a Masters of Applied Law (Wills & Estates) and is also now an Adjunct Lecturer with the College of Law. Michele writes regularly on case law in succession and elder law on her blog at and also has a MAD About Law blog at which is devoted to all things working in and around the law, celebrating passion, perseverance and positivity in law. Michele has contributed to many Queensland Law Society initiatives, including being on the Succession Law and Early Career Lawyers policy committee, conference planning committees and has been a speaker at a number of QLS events. Michele has even written a feature for the Proctor in 2019 that landed her a nomination as a finalist for the QLS Proctor Best Feature Award in 2020! In true nerd fashion, Michele is also doing her PhD with the Queensland University of Technology and is a member of the Australian Health Law Research Centre. Unsurprisingly, Michele's research focus is succession and elder law! Michele's succession law blog posts are often republished by CCH Wolters Kluwer for their various legal products and offerings and also with Legalwise News. Michele also consults to CCH Wolters Kluwer for some of their legal resources and has been recently engaged to co-author the NSW Wills In Practice Commentary service. Michele is also the founder of the successful LinkedIn Group ‘Australian Succession & Elder Lawyers’. You can contact Michele directly at or via

Articles by Michele Davis

When it comes to measuring success, we might find ourselves looking for external factors and opinions that shape what it is to be successful. But is that really the right place to be looking? If we continue to look outside of ourselves for success, we’re likely to be continually unhappy and, moreover, unsuccessful. Success and happiness are permanently and critically interlinked.
Reflection is a powerful tool to inform and educate a person. Mistakes are inevitable and the real value of mistakes is how you respond and rectify the mistake.
Expectations – whether they’re unclear, significant, unrealistic or lacking entirely, encapsulate the client and lawyer relationship.
By learning more about the people we work with, you can begin to learn how to effectively communicate with them to achieve the desired outcome; to work effectively with them and foster a better working relationship. That's the value of time spent.

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