Behind the Beverage: Jessica Popple

I’ve always been ‘Mum’. I’m the eldest of two younger brothers who I loved fussing over when I was a kid. I now live in an all-boy share house and I’m definitely the Mum there too! I’ve always been one to put others’ needs before my own; which is a good and bad thing. It’s a trait I’ve definitely carried into my career; especially now working in family and domestic violence law – an area I swore I’d never work in!

I always thought I’d be too emotional for family law and I definitely never thought I’d have the confidence to stand up in court and speak in front of a judge! I’m now 18 months post-admission and I can’t imagine doing anything else! Do I get nervous? Every. Single. Time. You hear of footballers having pre-game rituals, every time I get to court, I practice in my car and pretend the windscreen is the judge. If I don’t, I’m convinced I’ll stuff up and pronounce my own name wrong or call the judge ‘Mum!’

I’m a country girl and grew up on a mango farm, and I’ve never considered moving to the city. I love being a regional practitioner, it’s all I’ve known and loved – you can’t take the country out of this country girl! I think it’s the connections that really make this job special and the comradery on the Sunshine Coast is fantastic. Everyone knows and supports everyone. Despite feeling like a fish out of water, networking has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my career.

One of the first DV clients I ever dealt with definitely shaped me as a lawyer. She was a beautiful woman who had suffered years of domestic violence at the hands of her husband. She was so emotionally damaged and timid she could barely explain what she’d gone through. With our help, she got a property settlement and escaped him and began to rebuild her life. Watching her walk out of our office as a strong, independent woman was something I’ll never forget because it’s then when I realised the difference you can make in this industry to really help and change lives.

I don’t splurge on shoes or handbags so coffee shops are my vice! I usually order a large flat white with an extra shot … it’s my favourite and I figure it’s best to stick with what you know and love, right?

Lexi Kehl is the Queensland Law Society PR & Media Executive. If you’d like to sit down for a beverage or know someone with a great story to tell:

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