Behind the Beverage: Nick Camphin

What’s a weird fact people wouldn’t know about me? Well … I have a mild allergy to toothpaste and until I developed a tolerance … I used bicarb and salt! How’s that for an opener?!

My broken pinkie? It happened whilst playing AFL. I’m absolutely obsessed and I never miss a weekend during the season playing for the Kenmore Bears. I love working hard as a team and that’s definitely been instilled in me growing up with 2 older brothers – the competition has always been fierce!

I studied law for five and a half years while working for McInnes Wilson 3 days a week, I haven’t left since and was fortunate enough to be made associate earlier in the year. Working and studying is something I think every law student should consider if given the opportunity. Yes, it’s hard work, but there is a vast difference between what you study and how you practise law – the sooner you learn that, the better!

I guess my approach to the legal profession has two sides to the coin. I’ve never understood people who come in with the attitude “I’m just going to do the bare minimum,” clock off early and then wonder why they aren’t ahead of the pack. I’m not about that. Get in, have a crack, try your hardest and get it done.  

I also think – especially when you’re a junior lawyer – the ‘bare minimum’ is the worst thing you could be striving for. You should be trying to maximise your learning and gain as much exposure and experience as possible. Don’t develop the attitude of “I’ve just got to get through this 9-5 day”; you should be thinking “How can I get the most out of this day? What do I need to do to achieve the best possible result?” 

I think the legal profession needs to be more real with less intellectual snobbery. Don’t necessarily get too caught up on the GPA, because you can be as technically gifted as you want, but if you can’t communicate effectively and show empathy to your client … you’ll struggle. You’re there to support and give advice – not act like you’re better than other people just because you’re a lawyer.


I order an almond flat white – because how can I put this delicately? – Too much milk is just not a good time for the tummy!

Lexi Kehl is the Queensland Law Society PR & Media Executive. If you’d like to sit down for a beverage or know someone with a great story to tell:

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