New Criminal Case Lookup service for all Queensland courts

A new online service to access details relating to current adult criminal proceedings excluding appeal matters in Queensland courts is now available.

The Criminal Case Lookup offers an accessible online self-service providing important appearance information 24/7 to parties.

The service provides the following information:

  • date and time of event
  • jurisdiction
  • court location
  • event type (for example, mention, hearing etc)
  • type of appearance (for example, in person)
  • Supreme Court/District Court/Magistrates Court file number.

Use of the service is limited to the parties, including self-represented persons, their legal representatives and prosecutors.

The service provides information for criminal proceedings, including criminal offences, summary offences, traffic offences, applications for special hardship orders and applications for work licenses, excluding appeal matters to the District Court and Supreme Court. It does not provide information for cases with legislative and/or court-ordered suppression of information such as domestic and family violence matters.

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