Titles registry Land Title Practice Manual updated

The Titles Registry has announced updates to the Land Title Practice Manual which are effective from 30 November 2020. These updates relate to a number of important topics:

  • New Queensland enduring power of attorney forms and important changes to guardianship laws from 30 November 2020.
  • Update to Titles Registry powers of attorney practice.
  • New Version 2 of the Form 21Z–Plan cover sheet. 
  • eLodgement of Survey Plans–Survey Plans relating to Community Titles Schemes. 
  • Updated process for providing the planning body (local government) community management statement notation (new Form 18C and new Form CMS Version 4).
  • Other Land Title Practice Manual updates (effective 30/11/2020).

See Titles Registry Alert (No 178) for more information including links to the updated forms. 

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