Corrective Services updates prison visitation

Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) has updated operational requirements for applications by professionals/legal representatives to enter correctional centres for prisoner visits.

This includes the release of a new Form 27(a) – Application to Visit (In Person/Virtual) – Professional, Official or Other Business Purposes which removes the requirement for practitioners to make multiple applications with Form 27(a) to visit different centres or to see different prisoners.

The new version 11 of Form 27(a) enables application for approval to:

  • access to any correctional centre in Queensland
  • visitation with any prisoner in Queensland, and
  • different visit types – including in-person visits, videoconferencing, and teleconferencing.

Existing approved Form 27(a)s on QCS records will have the new allowances applied when bookings are made, without the need to complete the new version of Form 27(a). However, the requirement for annual renewal of the form remains.

The identification requirements for professional/legal visitations have also been clarified. Only one form of identification is required as defined by section 22 of the Corrective Services Regulations 2017. This can include State Government identification. A driver’s licence will not be required if alternate approved identification is provided.

Form 306 – Application for access to client video or teleconference – legal practitioner/professional/government agencies, has been decommissioned in light of the changes to the Form 27(a).

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