Judge declares man vexatious litigant after failed attempt to sue ‘The Queen’

An “incorrigible’’ self-represented litigant whose latest court action was a failed bid to sue “The Queen” has been declared a vexatious litigant – with the chief of Queensland’s Court of Appeal describing the latest court action as a “confused hodgepodge of confusion”.

Court of Appeal President Walter Sofronoff ordered on Tuesday that Ross James Bradley be declared a vexatious litigant and prohibited from instituting further proceedings in Queensland under the Vexatious Proceedings Act 2005.

In Queensland, a ‘vexatious litigant’ is someone who persistently begins legal actions but doesn’t have sufficient grounds for doing so.

Justice Sofronoff, in making the order, said: “I am satisfied that Mr Bradley has frequently instituted vexatious proceedings in Queensland.

“I am also satisfied that unless an order is made under the Vexatious Proceedings Act 2005 Mr Bradley will continue to waste the time and money of the people he chooses to sue and waste the time and resources of the courts.

“I am satisfied that an order should be made to stop Mr Bradley from continuing to do this.”


Bradley becomes the 27th person to be subjected to a vexatious proceedings order in Queensland.

The decision comes almost six months after Proctor reported Bradley was chastised in a decision by the Court of Appeal when it tossed out his attempt to quash a conviction for unlicensed driving on the grounds he was a “citizen sovereign” and that Queensland laws did not a apply to him.

Justice Sofronoff, in that case in November (2020), described Bradley’s arguments to the court as “nonsense”, “gobbledygook” and an abuse of process.

In a three-page decision delivered this week, Justice Sofronoff said: “Bradley has filed yet another appeal. He has previously filed notices of appeal that have been struck out as an abuse of process.

“The notice of appeal in this case continues these precedents. It is a confused hodgepodge of confusion.

“One paragraph is enough to illustrate the content that fills the document.”


That one paragraph, Justice Sofronoff revealed, was: “That the supreme Ecclesiastical Law is ONE, under the CROWN. (The Ecclesia’.) And this means that all ecclesiastical entities including Queensland as a state can (equally) sue and or be sued in the one Ecclesiastical jurisdiction. Men and women within court-house Registries (as ‘public officials’ under the state) have a disregard for and are continually disregarding the fact that Australia and it’s [sic] state were “created” at and remain under this supreme Christian Law. Clear contempt of the Law.”

Justice Sofronoff said Bradley had been “incorrigible in his attempts to vex the parties he chooses to name” as respondents in court applications.

“This case is (another) example. It arose from a document filed by Mr Bradley in the Magistrates Court which purported to sue ‘The Queen’ and was entitled ‘Common Law to Govern the Court’,’’ he said.

“Mr Bradley then pressed for a committal hearing (of the matter before a magistrate) at which he wanted to air his complaints. Like the notice of appeal before me, the document in the Magistrates Court was a confused heap of nonsense.

“The time has come to stop this kind of behaviour from being repeated. Mr Bradley is prohibited from instituting (legal) proceedings in Queensland.”

Read Justice Sofronoff’s decision.

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