Land Title Practice Manual updated 31 May

The Registrar of Titles has advised that the Land Title Practice Manual (Qld) has been updated, effective from 31 May 2021.

The main updates relate to:

eConveyancing – general eConveyancing information has been inserted including:

  • a new Part 62 with eConveyancing information, and
  • new eConveyancing sections in relevant Parts of the manual which include information on attachments and example electronic forms.

Caveats – Part 11 – Caveat has been updated including:

  • additional examples of caveats and further information in the guide to completion
  • examples and a guide to completion for a Caveator’s Notice of Action and Caveatee’s notice to Registrar, and
  • examples and a guide to completion for a request to fully and partially withdraw a registered caveat, request to remove lapsed caveat, request to remove caveat pursuant to a court order and request to cancel caveat.

For details of all updates see Land Title Practice Manual updates 31 May 2021.

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