Listen out for the Lawchestra

The stage is set for the upcoming Queensland Lawchestra event at the Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens.

The Legal Forecast Creative (TLF), together with the musicians of Lawchestra and Big Band, are providing an afternoon of free entertainment on Sunday 26 September, with a mixture of modern movie themes, classical pieces and jazz standards.

Lawchestra was an initiative created by TLF to provide a creative outlet for the legal profession and for law schools, whilst promoting positive mental health and combating isolation.

TLF acknowledges the stresses a career in the legal industry can bring, and designed Lawchestra to give legal professionals and law students an opportunity to express their artistic and musical talents in a social environment.

Junior lawyer and clarinet player Nicholas Waight has been involved with the orchestra since its 2019 inception and continues to diligently attend rehearsals every fortnight.

“Most members would agree that it’s a great creative outlet for them – it lets them forget the stresses of their day jobs and law school,” he said.


“I feel like when I come to rehearsals I’m just able to put aside any stress that I’m feeling about things at work, and just lose myself in the music for those two hours of the evening every two weeks.”

There is an open attendance policy and people of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to get involved, however the common ground between members is their connection to the law.

Lawchestra members rehearse together fortnightly.

Alexandria Pearman, solicitor and Lawchestra founding member, admits that during COVID-19, the orchestra has had to adapt its rehearsals to work with restrictions, however she emphasises its ongoing positive social aspect.

She recalls earlier conversations before Lawchestra came to life, about lawyers and their hidden creativity.

“We jokingly floated a discussion with respect to the fact that many lawyers are Type A personalities, and that our outlet for that, going through school especially, was to do as many things as possible… which included music for a lot of people,” she said. “I’ve still got my clarinet, my saxophone and my flute.


“A lot of people had also raised the same comments – that lawyers are secretly harbouring creative skills no one knew about.”

Queensland Law Society is a sponsor of TLF Creative.

This month’s Lawchestra event will be held on Sunday 26 September from 1pm to 3pm at the Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens. To find out more about Lawchestra and TLF Creative, visit the website.

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