QCAT updates minor civil dispute forms

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) has updated a number of its minor civil dispute (MCD) forms with the aim of making them easier to understand and complete.

The MCD jurisdiction is one of the largest within QCAT with 18,738 applications state-wide last financial year, covering a wide range of matters including debt disputes, consumer and trader disputes, dividing fence disputes and residential tenancy disputes.

Twenty MCD and related forms have been updated following significant consultation with internal and external stakeholders to create simple and user-friendly forms which QCAT says will improve the overall customer experience and enhance the delivery of service.

The updated forms are also designed to be built into a new civil case management system being developed by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General that will allow electronic case filing across QCAT and Magistrates Courts.

The new system, expected to go-live in early 2022, will include a portal enabling online lodgment and interaction between the parties and the registry, and enable self-represented parties to manage their cases electronically 24/7, delivering a contemporary experience by providing a more accessible, easy-to-use and convenient service for Queenslanders.

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QCAT updated forms (in effect 6.9.21)

Form 1 – Application for minor civil dispute – consumer/trader dispute; property damage caused by a motor vehicle
Form 2 – Application for minor civil dispute – residential tenancy dispute
Form 3 – Application for minor civil dispute – minor debt
Form 53 – Application for minor civil dispute – dividing fences
Form 6 – Request for decision by default – minor civil dispute – minor debt
Form 7 – Response to minor civil dispute – minor debt
Form 8 – Minor civil dispute – counter application
Form 9 – Affidavit of service
Form 38 – Witness hearing notices: Application for notice requiring witness to attend a hearing or produce document/thing at a hearing
Form 41 – Application for interim order
Form 42 – Application to extend or shorten a time limit for waiver of compliance with procedural requirement
Form 43 – Application for reopening, correction, renewal or amendment
Form 44 – Application to stay a decision
Form 45 – Application to be joined to a proceeding
Form 49 – Application for fee waiver or appeal fee reduction by reason of financial hardship
Form 55 – Application to set aside or amend a default decision
Form 56 – Application for leave to be represented
Application to attend a proceeding by telephone or video
Application for decision/order by consent
Change of contact details form
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