Lawchestra finale concert this month

Tickets are now available for the upcoming LawchestraQ finale concert, to be held on Friday 26 November at The Old Museum in Brisbane.

LawchestraQ together with Big Band, both initiatives of The Legal Forecast Creative (TLF), will perform pieces from a range of genres, including jazz and blues, famous classical repertoire by the likes of Beethoven and Elgar, as well as famous movie themes.

The musicians will also premiere a piece of music written especially for LawchestraQ by local composer John Rotar to showcase the ensemble’s diverse musical talents.

The musical groups are run by volunteers and made up of members of the legal profession and law students. TLF designed the groups to provide a creative outlet for legal professionals and students to express their artistic side in a social environment, whilst also promoting positive mental health in the profession.

A portion of the event’s proceeds will go to Beyond Blue, to support its work in mental health and wellbeing.

Doors will open at 6.30pm with the show to begin at 7pm.


Tickets are available for purchase online.

For more information about TLF initiatives, visit the website.

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