QLS relaunches locum panel

The Queensland Law Society Ethics and Practice Centre has launched a new quality-assured locum tenens panel as part of its commitment to practitioner wellbeing.

Locums can assist practitioners maintain both positive professional careers and healthy personal relationships and lifestyles by enabling them to take periodic breaks away from their practice, or to assist with matters within the practice when a helping hand is needed.

The centre is now seeking expressions of interest from practitioners who may wish to join the locum panel.

Why would I become a locum?

A locum has a special set of skills and it is an independent career path within the legal profession.

Locums are not just practitioners who have sold their legal practice and are walking the path to retirement. They can bring a wealth of experience, a unique perspective, a willingness to offer support to their colleagues and the ability to act autonomously.

Legal practitioners (of all age levels) who may not want to engage in legal practice on a full-time, long-term basis might also be interested in a career as a locum. Some locums have their own legal practices; some have business, family, sporting or personal interests outside of law.

All locums on the panel are reliable, thrive on the flexibility of locum life, on the varied working conditions, and the opportunity to travel and work in different locations with many different clients and legal staff. They are well equipped to take on the carriage of file matters and firm responsibilities after a brief induction or handover.

Would you like to join the QLS Locum Service?

There is an application process, and an annual renewal fee of $55 (inclusive of GST) which is not charged until you renew your practising certificate for the FY22-23. The locum panel is also expected to be marketed through QLS Practice Advisory Service visits, QLS Proctor, and QLS Update.

Access an application form.

If you have questions about being a locum, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Practice Advisory Service at the QLS Ethics and Practice Centre on 07 3842 5843 or

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