RAILS webinar: refugee protection

The Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) is holding an online seminar to support practitioners expanding their businesses into the refugee protection space, on Tuesday 22 February from 5.30 to 7pm (Brisbane time).

This free webinar, presented by RAILS refugee lawyer Bernie Carrick, will help practitioners expand their expertise and business practices, and work effectively in refugee protection while also providing a vital community service. It is aimed at Queensland practitioners with little to no experience with refugee protection visas, and is an opportunity to assist a vulnerable client group.

Safe haven enterprise visas (SHEVs) are held by people who have previously been accepted as refugees, but must renew their visas every five years due to their arrival by boat. More than 800 SHEVs will expire in Queensland this year. RAILS assists refugees who cannot afford a lawyer or migration agent, however the majority seek paid assistance by lodging a subsequent SHEV application.

Register for the webinar or contact for more information.

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