Mandatory reporting in focus at medico-legal event

The Medico-Legal Society of Queensland has invited practitioners to a dinner event on Wednesday 16 March featuring a panel discussion on mandatory reporting and medicine.

The society says mandatory reporting is a tool that is being increasingly deployed in Queensland. It has a role, for instance, in education, in medicine and in youth justice. Indeed, one of the recommendations arising out of the Lawyer X Royal Commission was that it should apply to lawyers. In practice, however, it can present difficult scenarios and lead to unintended consequences as well, of course, as identifying bad behaviour.  

The after-dinner panel discussion on mandatory reporting and medicine, moderated by Damien Atkinson QC, will feature Integrity Commissioner Dr Nikola Stepanov, emergency physician Dr Alex Markwell, and senior solicitor and medico-legal advisor Tracy Pickett.

Learn more about this event, which will be held at Hillstone St Lucia.

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