Federal Court rules amended

The Federal Court Legislation Amendment Rules 2022 was registered on the Federal Register of Legislation on 12 January 2023 and commenced on 13 January 2023.

The Amendment Rules amend the Federal Court Rules 2011, the Federal Court (Criminal Proceedings) Rules 2016, the Federal Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016 and the Federal Court (Corporations) Rules 2000.

The Amendment Rules update references to regulations and the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, clarify the transfer of proceedings to and from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 2) and provide for greater rule harmonisation between courts.

Of note to practitioners and litigants within the Federal Court jurisdiction are changes to the Scale of Costs (see Sections 58 & 59 of the Amendment Rules, which amend Schedule 3 of the Federal Court Rules 2011). These are the first increases since 2019 and will apply to work carried out on and after the commencement of the Amendment rules.

Read the Explanatory Statement.

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