Nicky and Tilé – the nominator and the nominee

Nicky Mitchell and Tilé Imo share both a professional relationship as colleagues working in legal assistance and as nominator and nominee in last year’s Queensland Law Society Excellence in Law Awards.

Last week we chatted to them about their experience with the awards, which shine a light on the exemplary efforts of Queensland’s legal professionals and recognise outstanding solicitors, teams and organisations for their contributions to both the legal profession and the broader community across Queensland.

While filming a video about their experience with last year’s QLS Excellence in Law Awards, Nicky explained that the gala event was a unique opportunity for her to spotlight someone she admired, and for Tilé to be recognised not only by her but by the broader profession.

Get to know Tilé and Nicky

Tilé is a well-known emerging leader in Brisbane’s legal profession. He has dedicated his career to advancing the rights of those experiencing family, domestic violence and elder law issues.

As the Coordinating Senior Lawyer of Caxton Legal Centre’s health justice partnership with Metro South Health, Tilé is able to advocate for elder abuse awareness and education. He is also the current Secretary of the Pasifika Lawyers Association of Queensland and a member of the QLS Health and Disability Law Committee.

Nicky is a senior lawyer at Caxton Legal Centre, which is where she met Tilé. Nicky has dedicated herself to a career is community law and a passionate advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. Since her admission in 2015, Nicky has worked in community legal centres and has experience in family law, child protection, and domestic violence.


The awards experience

Last year, Nicky nominated Tilé for the Emerging Leader Award at the QLS Excellence in Law Awards. Tilé and Nicky’s relationship has only flourished since working together, which is evident in their relationship as winner and nominator.

We asked Nicky why she chose to nominate Tilé.

“I made the decision to nominate Tile for the emerging lawyer category, because he has been an unsung hero to me, and many others for years now,” she said. “He has dedicated his career to this work, as well as giving back to his peers through the Pacific Lawyers Association.

“He is a fierce advocate in elder abuse awareness and education, and I’ve witnessed first-hand his passion for empowerment, human rights and access to justice for disadvantaged members of the community. I saw it an opportunity to showcase him, and shine the spotlight on all the Tilés around us.”

Tilé talked about what the award win meant to him, and how things have changed since.

“Winning the award last year gave me an extra boost in confidence, especially to be recognised outside of my workplace and by the profession,” he said. “Since my award win, I have gone on to utilise this confidence and recognition to launch my new podcast with fellow young lawyer, Olamide Kowalik, called ‘Tilé and Olly Meets’!”


As the end of their exchange, the pair shared a heart-warming hug, a reflection that their relationship has just gotten stronger since nominating and winning the award last year.

Nominations for this year’s QLS Excellence in Law Awards are open, and if you sound like a Nicky, now is your opportunity to go and nominate your Tilé.

About the awards

The QLS Excellence in Law Awards have 12 categories including First Nations Solicitor of the Year, Workplace Culture and Health, and Access to Justice.

Check out all the other categories on the dedicated awards website. Nominations Close 1 June 2023, so don’t delay and nominate today!

Key dates:
  • Nominations close: 1 June 2023
  • Gala registrations open: 5 June 2023
  • Finalists announced: 5 July 2023
  • Gala registrations close: 31 July 2023
  • Gala evening: 5 August 2023

Ready to submit your nomination? Put your best foot forward with our helpful guide on the nominations process, read all our tips and tricks.

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