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Shining a light on the exemplary efforts of Queensland’s legal professionals, the QLS Excellence in Law Awards present an opportunity for outstanding solicitors, teams and organisations to showcase their contribution to both the legal profession and the broader community.

They also allow for substantial opportunities for lawyers in all areas of practice, regions and firms to have their achievements profiled and promoted before and after the event.

We’ve laid out some handy tips and tricks to make the nomination process a breeze, and ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

For nominators:

Step one: Check the eligibility

Know someone great and want to nominate them for an award? Wonderful!

First things first, before beginning your nomination it is important to check the eligibility criteria.

Each award has a guiding set of criteria which specifies who is eligible to be nominated. In most cases a nominee will need to hold a practising certificate and full QLS membership, the exceptions being for the First Nations Student Award and Workplace Culture and Health (Organisation) Award.

We encourage all nominators to review the award criteria before getting started!

Step two: Understand the process

Understanding the awards process ensures you and the person you are nominating are prepared for each stage and know exactly what to expect!


The awards are peer nominated, meaning each and every potential winner must be nominated by someone else. To nominate a peer, simply go online and submit your nomination.

Once someone is nominated, they receive an email prompting them to complete their full nomination and provide supporting information.


QLS undertakes an independent judging process for each award category. After undergoing a ‘health check’ by QLS staff, nominations that meet the eligibility criteria move onto judging.


Each award has its own independent judging panel comprised of experienced and highly-regarded members of the legal profession. This ensures each category has relevant experts who bring a wealth of knowledge to the process.

At this point the judges review and score each nomination against the criteria, and shortlist their top candidates. Finalists for each award will be announced, and winners will receive their award at the upcoming QLS Excellence in Law Awards Gala.

Step three: Submit your nomination

You’ve reviewed the eligibility criteria, understand the process, and you’re ready to recognise your outstanding colleague. This is what you will need to get started:

  • Nominee’s full name
  • Nominee’s title and company
  • Nominee’s email, and
  • an explanation of why they should receive this award.

From here the person you have nominated will receive a notification that they have been nominated and, if they decide to proceed with the process, will take it from there!

They will not know who nominated them, nor any of the detail you included in your nomination. You are welcome to share this with them or leave it as a surprise down the track.

For nominees:

Step one: Have your documents ready!

Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a QLS Excellence in Law Award category! Clearly someone thinks you are incredible!

If you decide to complete the nomination process, we recommend having these things handy as you will need them to submit:

Each and every nomination will require:

  • a high-resolution headshot
  • a short one-paragraph biography
  • nominee’s curriculum vitae
  • one letter from a referee (excluding First Nations Solicitor and First Nation’s Student of the Year, where two referees are required including one referee from the community).

Award nominations are submitted via our online platform, and take about 50 minutes for the nominee to complete.

Step two: Read and address the selection criteria

When completing your nomination, take some extra time to make sure you address each point in the criteria.

If you want to make sure that you’re checking off each point, get a friend or a colleague to review your nomination before you submit it.

Remember, whilst the awards are peer nominated, it is your award submission to complete. Be sure to write your responses in first person and that it is an accurate reflection of your character, contributions and experience.

Step three: Ask someone for a letter of reference and what we recommend including

As part of your nomination you will need to provide a letter from a referee. We want to hear from a peer, a colleague, or someone in your professional community about you and why you should be recognised.

We suggest asking someone who has worked alongside you on a project relevant to your award category or who can provide examples of how you meet the criteria. Be sure to encourage them to discuss your personal qualities, as well as your professional skills and achievements.

Step four: Know what sets you apart from the rest

We want to know what makes you shine. Provide unique examples that will set you apart from your fellow nominees and help you stand out from the crowd.

When completing your nomination be sure to highlight not only your professional contributions and achievements, but showcase your character as well.

Step five: Submit and jot down your key dates or add them to your calendar

Nominations close: 1 June 2023

Gala registrations open: 5 June 2023

Finalists announced: 5 July 2023

Gala registrations close: 31 July 2023

Gala evening: 5 August 2023

Ready to get started?

Check out the awards and the criteria for each, then start your nomination today:

Good luck!

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