Fee changes in place

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal would like to advise practitioners about a change of fees for the new financial year. 

Application fees are payable in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal in respect of certain types of applications in accordance with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Regulation 2015 (AAT Regulation) and the Migration Regulations 1994.

These fees increased on 1 July 2023.

General, Freedom of Information, Security, Small Business Taxation, and Taxation & Commercial and Divisions

From 1 July 2023, the standard application fee will be $1082. The application fee payable for small business taxation decisions will be $581. The lower application fee payable for lodging an application in respect of the taxation decisions described in sub regulation 20(2) of the AAT Regulation will be $107.

There is no change to the $100 fee that is payable if a person is eligible to pay a concessional fee rather than a standard application fee.

Migration and Refugee Division

For applications lodged from 1 July 2023, the fee that may be payable after the review of a protection visa decision will increase to $2076.


The fee for lodging an application for review of other decisions in the Migration and Refugee Division, where a fee is payable, will increase to $3374. In cases where a 50 per cent fee reduction is granted, the reduced fee will be $1687.

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