Regional roadshow to conquer distance

Downs and South West Queensland Law Association (DSWQLA) covers a huge geographical location of legal practitioners. Our distance can present unique challenges to our members not always appreciated until experienced. We rely on calls to touch base and maintain connections.

DSWQLA aims to focus on fostering a greater sense of connection among our members by organising events that go to our members hence the Rural and Regional Roadshow 2023.

The roadshow will consist of a series of three events taking place in August and September. These events will be held in Warwick, Goondiwindi and Stanthorpe.

The first event in Warwick on Thursday, 3 August, features a panel discussion on the topical navigation of psychosocial risks while working in conflict, litigation and dispute resolution. We recognise that a feature of regional practice is need to be fairly generalist, however the increasing importance of managing psychosocial hazards in practice is a challenge coming to us all regardless of our specialisation.

David Jones KC

Our panel speakers are:

  • David Jones KC, Barrister and Kings Counsel at Queen’s Arms Chambers;
  • Stuart Hall, Counsellor in conflict resolution and managing trauma, Mediator, People and Culture Team Leader at Catholic Care;
  • Kathryn Millist-Spendlove, Registered Counsellor, Mindsmith Wellness; and,
  • Amanda Dalton, CEO Protea Place.

Stuart Hall

Despite the conditioning many of us received at law school, legal practitioners are not robots.  We are human and like all humans, our brains are wired for feelings and human connection. The work we do will conflict with our deepest personal values at times – the very recipe known to cause vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. 

Kathryn Millist-Spendlove

This unique workshop will be conducted by a panel of legal and non-legal presenters who will lead a multidisciplinary discussion about:

•             Psychosocial risks of working in conflict, litigation and dispute resolution

•             Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and moral injury


•             Brain science, trauma and conflict

•             Understanding “moral injury” – the way lawyers behave towards each other DOES matter

•             Protecting legal interests versus client-centred problem-solving

Amanda Dalton

The second event will have DSWQLA travel to Goondiwindi on 14 September, during the final week of His Honour Judge Jarro’s District Court sittings. This border town falls within the DSWQLA portfolio and faces many unique challenges due to its location near the NSW/Queensland border and distance that separates clients from their access to legal assistance. The speaker is:

  • Frank Martin, Barrister at Law, Queens’s Arms Chambers.

Our final event will be an all-day event in the wine region of Stanthorpe. This event will cover a huge range of topics including: retaining regional early career lawyer talent, results of the QYL legal salary survey and its implications; constructive trusts in agribusiness; and viticultural law.


It will conclude with a networking dinner at Queensland College of Wine Tourism, Varias Restaurant.

While this roadshow seeks to primarily connect our rural, regional and remote colleagues, it is certainly open to all. We warmly welcome all interested practitioners to come earn CPD points and connect with colleagues. CPD points as follows: Warwick (1.5 CPD), Goondiwindi (1 CPD) and Stanthorpe (2.5 CPD).

Book for the Warwick roadshow event here

This article was submitted by Downs and South West Queensland Law Association. The association prides itself on being an integral part of the legal community on the Darling Downs and in South Western Queensland. 

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