Appellate Court Presidents trade places for first time

The Queensland Court of Appeal will undertake a judicial exchange with the Western Australian Court of Appeal this month.

While it is the fifth exchange between the two jurisdictions, it is the first involving both Presidents.

From 11 to 22 September (inclusive), Justice Buss, President of the Western Australia Court of Appeal, will act as a Judge of Appeal in Queensland, while Justice Mullins, President of the Court of Appeal of Queensland, will sit on appellate matters in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

The Supreme Court of Queensland’s Judicial Exchange Program started in 2019 as an opportunity for appellate judges to examine practices for listing, managing and hearing appeals in other State jurisdictions through first-hand experience in those jurisdictions and also sitting with judges from other jurisdictions in Queensland.

It is a practical means for professional development as well as improving efficiencies in the administration of the appellate jurisdiction, to the benefit of the courts involved in the exchange, court users and the community.

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