QLS Management Committee seeks EOI

Queensland Law Society is seeking a member who is interested in joining the QLS Committee of Management (COM) Committee, to start in February 2024.

The committee’s charter can be viewed at

The COM Committee’s role is to consider and determine claims made to QLS for compensation from the Fidelity Guarantee Fund (FGF).

The FGF is funded by contributions made by solicitors who are issued with a QLS practising certificate.

The FGF exists to provide a source of compensation for defaults of law practices, arising from, or constituted by, dishonest acts or omissions, of associates of Queensland law practices.

Members interested in joining the committee are encouraged to provide, on or before 29 September 2023, a brief email setting out your expression of interest and a copy of your CV or professional profile (such as website or LinkedIn) setting out your skills and expertise to


For further information about the role of the committee and committee members, or any other queries, email to

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