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Personal injuries firm MurphySchmidt congratulates Jacob Green on his admission to the legal profession on Monday.

Jacob Green

Before starting with the firm, Jacob completed a Bachelor of Paramedic Science and Nursing, while working as a paramedic in both Queensland and the United Kingdom.

He has since completed his Bachelor of Laws (Honours), having started with MurphySchmidt Solicitors in 2022 as a file cadet and then law graduate.

They are looking forward to working with him in his role as solicitor.

Nick Conomos was also admitted on Monday and moved by his father Jim, QLS Councillor and Managing Director of James Conomos Lawyers.


Brisbane admissions on 13 November also include: Mahly, Cornwell, Pidgeon, McGreevy, Lankester, Sponseller, Roberts, Steemson, Woods, Wright, Caffrey, Exley, Delor, Harvey, Phelps, Bunyan, Connolly, Bull, Halikos, Clare, Hindle, Roger, Harland, E Humphreys, Thorn.

Wu, Arthur, Leighton, Khoo, Pruim, O’Shaughnessy, A Thompson, Summers, Kempel, Donaldson, Dickson, Beveridge, Holland, Bodiemeade, Brown, Webber, Leadbetter, Dinh, Whitehead, Cook, Chen, Carey, White, Zu.

Quinlan, Sherlock, Wilesmith, Mow, Stack, Miller, Monaghan, Garibaldi, Jones, Turnbull, Ashwell, Riggs, Wadhawan, Keyser, Wilson, Shelley, Robinson, Edwards, Elks, Niu, Nguyen, Nann, Marsh, Burey, N Humphreys.

Harduwar, Stidwill, Kerrigan, Steele, Phillips, Bloxham, Jurgeneit, Wood, Kenyon, O’Dwyer, Beach, Robbins, Taylor, Davidson, Lawler, Sutherland, Harch, Bartlett, Rees, B Thompson, Cassells, Hinton, Rashid, Marin.

Bennet, Guan, Sherwood, Sofianos, Sperrer, Suna, Sung, Hackett, Sawyer, Yeo, Lim, Potter, Carmody, Mandall, Crompton, Sullivan, Dowers, Hayward, Schostakowski, Woodhead, Woolmer, Strong, Wheatley, Kacso.

Chong, Kinneally, Sutton, Harvie, Carroll, Currie, Castillo, Chang, Simpson, Jahshan, Sudiro, Robertson, Farrell, Wolejko, Xiao, Acuna, Williams, Vermaas, Chipman, Browning, Parlour, Fairbairn, Wicks, Corallo, Harris, Lynch.


Our Admissions section looks to celebrate all newly admitted solicitors and congratulate them on this significant achievement. Please email details to Ensure you include some details of your current role, along with a quality head-and-shoulders image.

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