Fate plays part at admission

Newly admitted lawyer Anke Joubert was moved by Binari De Saram in Brisbane today. Photos: Supplied

Sixteen years ago to the day, Queensland Law Society (QLS) Legal Policy Manager Binari De Saram was admitted to the Supreme Court. In a twist of fate, she returned to the court today to move former colleague Anke Joubert.

Anke, a Clyde & Co lawyer and former QLS law assistant, joined more than 90 newly admitted lawyers at the Banco Court in Brisbane, celebrating their admission to the profession.

Anke signs the admission roll.

“When I lived in the Netherlands for my gap year, I was taken to the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice and fell in love with the idea of combining my love for travel, the world and different cultures with the law,” Anke said.

“I wanted to become a lawyer because I felt it was a great profession through which I could not only challenge myself on a day-to-day basis but also a chance to help others while doing so.”

Anke completed a Bachelor of Arts with majors in International Relations and Economics at the University of Queensland in 2018 after she came back from her gap year. She then moved into Bachelor of Laws at the Queensland University of Technology, completing her studies in 2022.

“During that time I worked various hospitality and customer services roles. By 2020 I started in my role as legal assistant to the QLS Policy team,” she recalled.


“It was here that I got my first view into the legal profession and loved every second of it, especially the fact that I could play a role (no matter how minor) in making important law reform submissions. 

“In November of 2021 I started as a summer clerk with international firm Clyde & Co and stayed on in the Financial Lines and Directors & Officers team for a year as paralegal afterwards.

“As a graduate in 2023, I have rotated into the Financial and Professional Disputes team where I got to go to trial for two weeks in July of 2023, a priceless opportunity! I am now in my rotation with the Cyber team working in both incident response, coverage and recoveries.”

Anke met “Binny”, her then manager, in 2020.

“I asked her to move my admission because not only did she give me my first shot in the profession, but she always took the time to teach me new things, give me exciting opportunities, and supported me every step of the way,” Anke recalled.

“She has been an incredible role model of an exemplary practitioner. She has also been a consistent mentor for me since I moved on from QLS, helping me work through some big career decisions along the way. She also bakes a killer brownie which is a big bonus.”

Binny’s admission 16 years ago.


Binny was admitted on 13 December 2007 by former MacGillvrays Solicitors colleague John McGaw, who is now a consultant at Gadens Lawyers. She was “deeply honoured” to move Anke’s admission.

“I vividly remember Anke’s first interview at the QLS. She was passionate, enthusiastic and loved the law,” Binny said.

“To move her admission all these years on is such an honour and privilege. A solicitor’s admission day is one of the most memorable days of their lives. It is the culmination of many years of hard work and perseverance.

“To have your friends and family come together to witness this event is so special. It is wonderful that Anke’s parents have made the journey from South Africa to be a part of her day. The pride in the eyes of her partner, parents, friends and colleagues was a reminder of how much Anke has achieved.

“The Chief Justice provided a moving address that I am sure will remain steadfast in the hearts and minds of all who attended today. She spoke of the importance of International Human Rights Day which has just passed, the value of participating in pro bono work, the qualities needed to be a legal practitioner and the importance of enjoying pursuits outside of the law.

“I remember my own admission which was also on 13 December (16 years ago) – a serendipitous and happy coincidence!”


Admissions in Brisbane on 13 December: O’Rourke; Burkett; Waddell; Haines; Peralta; Daily; Fouche; Georgiopoulos; Yarrow; Chen; Mcfadden; Salas Ramirez; Shiel-Butera; Bartkowski; Smith; Livingstone; Carson; Zhu; Wallen; Griffin; Palmer; Agius; Scherer; Clunies-Ross.

Ko; Dillon; Blanchard; Poon; James; Markova; Grant; Thomas; Hamburg; Narsey; Joseph; Christoff-Tzazaroff; Lozano Romero; Walker; Zwoerner; Morgan; Montes De Oca; Bellion; Alitin; Scott; Flack; Macdonald; Minacova; Noble-Dickinson.

Zagami; Turnbull; Kardum; Davie; Webber; Sampson; Martin; Stapleton; Walton; Layther-Dixon; Evans; Goddard; Cochrane; Harte; Duong; Mcleod; Humphries; A Joubert; Bradder-Denning; Shrestha; Couch; Heron; Niehues Esser; Epping.

Marks; Mitchell; West, C; Rhee; Kym; Reid; Kudeborg; Goodman; Gough; Damman; Van Haeringen; Booth; Kerr; Dawes; Everden; Zajkowski; Alexander; Dennis; Singh, R; Henry; Lay; Tan; Rappe; Gehrmann.

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