19 nominate in FLC election

Nineteen nominations have been received for the six vacancies on the Queensland Law Society (QLS) Future Leaders Committee (FLC).

Nominations closed on Tuesday and the campaigning has begun.

You can read the nominees biographies and see the full list of nominees on the QLS website. They are listed in the order by automatic lot as undertaken by the election provider – BigPulse.

The online ballot, however, will randomise the order of candidates each time it is opened to ensure no candidate is duly advantaged or disadvantaged by positioning on the ballot (Robson Rotation.)

The nominees are Gemma Kruger, Maria Mansi, Nikki Ball, Ashley Anand, Georgia Athanasellis, Anna Fanelli, Mathai Joshi, Rachna Nagesh, Amber Corbin, Eloise Turnbull, Alex Komarowski, Katie Lavercombe, Ruby Priestley, Liberty Thomas, Sam Nelson, Emma Kearney, Zac Reinke, Karla Macpherson and Brendan Reidy.

This is the third election for the FLC – a committee democratically elected and appointed to represent and advocate on behalf of their peers for two years. 


All elected members hold a two-year term running to the financial year. This month’s election represents the blue group, beginning 1 July 2024 and concluding 30 June 2026.

All QLS full members who are either 35 or younger or have less than five years PAE are eligible to take part in the election.

Voting starts on 21 February and closes on 29 February.

For more information, see the FAQs.

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