Graduate finds start in workplace team

Jamie-Lee Duckworth with Lander & Rogers Partners Vince Rogers and Genevieve Dee. Photos: Supplied

Newly admitted lawyer Jamie-Lee Duckworth is proud of the fact she is the first in her family to go to university but maybe not so much about her initial motivation for studying law.

The Lander & Rogers graduate was one of about 90 newly admitted solicitors at Brisbane’s admission sitting last month with more lawyers admitted today (list below).

“I admit at first that I was drawn to the law for its earning potential.  But as my colleagues and I joke, if people are looking to make millions – don’t choose law,” she joked.

“I was also motivated to become a lawyer due to the complexity of the profession, the opportunity to give back to the community and advocate for clients. 

“I love that there’s not just one area of law and that each area comes with its own challenges and quirks.

“Throughout university I found myself loving the law more and more and during my graduate rotation with Lander & Rogers, I found myself gravitating to more ‘people centric’ areas of law, such as family and employment law.”


Jamie-Lee said she felt very privileged on her admissions day and her admission was moved by Queensland Law Society Deputy President Genevieve Dee, who is a partner at Lander & Rogers as well as an Accredited Specialist in Family Law.

“It was a very special day, and I was thrilled to celebrate it with my family and friends.  I was very grateful for all the opportunities leading up to this day and for the ongoing support of family, friends, and colleagues,” she said.   

“I chose Genevieve as my mover for many reasons, particularly for her great sense of humour, but also because she is exceptionally warm and supports every person around her. 

“She is an extraordinary woman who has crafted and nurtured an amazing team at Lander & Rogers.  She is exceptionally intelligent and everything a young lawyer could aspire to be.  I was very grateful that she moved my admission.”

In April Jamie-Lee will start in the Workplace Relations and Safety team at Lander & Rogers. 

“I have always had a strong interest in employment law, and I am very excited to develop my expertise in this area,” she said.


“I look forward to developing valuable connections with colleagues and clients and continuing to engage in Lander & Rogers’ extensive pro bono initiatives to advocate for and improve access to justice for members of our community.” 

Admissions in Brisbane today: Mahoney; Neale; Wong; Beales; Gee; Primmer; Sheppard; Roberts; Astill; Saurine; Auman; Durnan; Sherry; Wright; Izvernariu; Ranasinghe; Whyte; Webber; O’Neill; Atkins; Howden; Lawson; Oyediran; Hamilton; Green. King; Koulougliotis; Nguyen; Hillman; Da Costa; Kaur; Herbert; Jones; Clow; Ball; Galon; You; Edwards; Howarth; Lahey; Dunn; Kajewski; Downey; Cranwell; Cute; Khudal; Dang; Fang; Tasnim; Humrich. Millers; Dennis; Medvegy; Reeves; Dambo; Moloney; Kerridge; Cook; Stumer; Gibson; Miles; Perry; Gellatly; Clugston; Russell; Voet; Temo; Mylrea; Mavi; Afa; McGurnaghan; Cole; McGeary; Baucia; Smith.

Our Admissions section looks to celebrate all newly admitted solicitors and congratulate them on this significant achievement. Please email details to Ensure you include some details of your current role, along with a quality head-and-shoulders image.

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