New Industrial Commissioners welcomed

Queensland Law Society Deputy President Genevieve Dee welcomed the new Industrial Relations Commissioners – Daniel Pratt, Sharron Caddie, Christopher Gazenbeek and Terri Butler – at a QIRC ceremony in Brisbane yesterday.

The Society’s representative attended the Industrial Court of Queensland event at Eagle Street and said the Commissioners brought “rich and relevant experience” and “demonstrated and dedicated commitment to the critically important work of this Commission”.

“You will be at the coalface of these social and economic issues that have significant impacts on the parties appearing before you,” she said.

“An invitation to serve on the Commission is not made lightly, nor accepted lightly for that matter.  This is because the standard of Queensland’s Courts and Commissions is exceptional and appointments are made with the utmost care and diligence.

“To be truly successful in this role there is a need for a real familiarity and empathy for the people in the matters before this Commission. Your role will highlight that compassion still has a large part to play in our system of justice.”

Genevieve said the Commissioners were “well equipped to answer this call to service” and highlighted some of their career achievements.


“For your willingness to do this, the solicitors branch of the profession thank you.”

Commissioner Pratt has practised at the bar and with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of industrial relations.

“We understand that you have volunteered your time and expertise to Caxton Legal Centre’s employment law advice clinic for many years, mentoring and supervising many junior lawyers through that clinic, and that you would also, on occasion, provide pro bono assistance to especially vulnerable employees needing assistance and representation through the tribunal.”

Commissioner Butler has served as a member of the Australian Parliament for the Federal Electorate of Griffith.

“We are honoured that you served on the Queensland Law Society Industrial Law Committee where you gave generously of your time in assisting the Society in formulate complex policy positions and legal policy submissions.”

Commissioner Caddie has held the positions of National Vice President and Queensland President of the United Workers Union.


“You have three decades of experience in industrial and employment related matters in Queensland and across Australia. These experiences will be invaluable as you hear the complex matters that come before you at the Commission.”

Commissioner Gazenbeek has held the roles of the Queensland Branch Secretary and Treasurer of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association, the second largest trade union in Australia, with over 200,000 members.

“You also possess three decades of experience in industrial and employment related matters in nationally. Such experience will certainly hold you in good stead as you take up the role of Industrial Commissioner.”

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