PD regarding QCase implementation

Practice Direction 4 of 2024 – QCase Implementation in civil proceedings and Practice Direction 5 of 2024 – Applications were issued by the Chief Magistrate this morning.

The purpose of Practice Direction 4 of 2024 is to support the staged introduction of a new digital case management system (QCase) that is intended to replace the bulk of paper files in civil proceedings in the Magistrates Court

Practice Direction 5 of 2024 applies to all civil applications made in accordance with the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (UCPR) in a particular Magistrates Court

The Principal Registrar (Magistrates Courts) – Approval 1 of 2024 issued by the Principal Registrar on 5 April 2024, complements these Practice Directions.

This has also been published to the Courts site, and can be found on the Electronically filed documents page under the heading ‘Electronic filing in the Magistrates Court’.

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