How can I create a strong brand for my micro law practice?

Creating a strong brand for your micro law practice involves several key steps:

  1. It starts with the law practice name – what does the law practice name convey about your legal practice, what you do, and perhaps where you do it?
  2. Ensure you have a professional logo and an easy to navigate website – it need only be one or two pages setting out who you are, what you do and how to contact you. This is the “shopfront” of your business and prospective clients looking for representation may “window shop” until they are ready to buy.
  3. What sets your practice apart from others? Is it your expertise? Your approach to client service or your use of technology? This is your unique value proposition.
  4. Understand your target market – who are you serving and what are their needs? This can be a tricky one – have you misunderstood your client’s needs, or do clients not know what they need?
  5. Depending on your location and legal practice area, social media may give you wider exposure to your local market. Email marketing lists can be an effective way of staying connected with former clients who have documents in safe custody for potential repeat or referral business, and can also serve as an avenue for showcasing your knowledge. This enables you to build your reputation as a knowledge leader while staying in touch with your client base.
  6. Deliver consistent quality services in accordance with your unique value proposition. Word of mouth travels fast.

If you would like assistance and support in creating and implementing a marketing plan for your practice, reach out to the QLS Practice Advisory Service. Do you have a Q&A for the Practice Advisory team?

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