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Travis Schultz & Partners paralegal Shelby Bennett had her admission moved by Managing Partner Travis Schultz on Monday. Photos: Supplied

Monday was an extra-special day at the Travis Schultz & Partners office as two paralegals, Shelby Bennett and Isabella Blunt, celebrated their admissions to the Supreme Court of Queensland.

And both were moved by the words of The Honourable Justice Morrison, who quoted different cases and examples throughout history to inspire more than 80 new lawyers, as he oversaw four admissions sittings in Brisbane’s Banco Court, along with Justices Flanagan and Bradley.

Isabella Blunt with Jemma Barnard.

Shelby, who was admitted in the first sitting, said: “It is a real privilege to join the legal profession. I will always try to live by Justice Morrison’s words that the most important thing to protect as a lawyer is your reputation and your mind.

“It was such a surreal day and is only just the beginning of what I hope to be a long and fulfilling career.

“I’ve never been happier than hearing the words ‘Let Miss Bennett be admitted’.”

Justice Morrison urged the newly admitted lawyers to be “courageous and independent” and Shelby took those words seriously.


“You have two valuable and essential resources as lawyers – your reputation and your mind, you must nurture and protect both of them,” he said.

“As the saying goes: If you have integrity, nothing else matters, and if you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.

“As you leave today as admitted lawyers, you are embarking on a marathon not a sprint, not a sprint. Take care of yourself and those around you, so you can enjoy this enormously satisfying career for many years to come.

“You are the future of the profession and I say that with some poignancy as I’m about to end my role in it in about a month’s time. You will steer this profession in the direction it takes.”

Shelby’s admission was moved by Managing Partner Travis Schultz, who said it “was an honour”.

“Like her colleague, Bella, Shelbs is a great human and is already displaying the attributes of a successful lawyer,” Travis said.


“Superior intellect, a deep insight into impact on others, and an empathy that belies her years, Shelby Bennett is as impressive as she is confident. I have no doubt that she is a future leader in her profession.”

Isabella, who was admitted in the second sitting, was also “thrilled” to be admitted and took notice of Justice Morrison’s sage advice.

“I am excited to take this next step in my legal career and I am beyond grateful for the support I have received from my colleagues and workplace throughout the process,” Isabella said.

“I was particularly moved by the speech made by His Honour, Morrison JA, during the ceremony, and I look forward to applying these principles of support, bravery and independence throughout my career.

“I am honoured to have had my admission moved by Jemma Barnard, and I look forward to joining a workforce of incredibly inspiring advocates.”

A Senior Associate, Jemma said: “I am thrilled to move Isabella’s admission to the legal profession before the Court of Appeal this week. This day signifies what will be the start of a long and successful career in the law for Isabella.


“She has a deep curiosity and passion for learning, and she constantly goes above and beyond to better understand legal principles and concepts – I have no doubt her name will be up in lights in the not-too-distant future.

“Year after year, the calibre of new practitioners admitted to our profession is thoroughly impressive and only further safeguards the rule of law and protections of individual rights; aren’t Queenslanders lucky!”

Admissions before Justices Morrison, Flanagan and Bradley on 3 June in Brisbane: Humphrey; Reed; Leitch; Ford; Maurice; Gill; Man; Mlikota; Shin; Gul; S Bennett; M Lyons; Harris; Preston; D Lyons; Behenna; Easey; McCarthy; Bassett; G Wilson; Churchill; Mohamed Zuhair; Forte; Ryan-Smith; Scott; Herath; H Mitchell; Oatley; E Barrett; Wong; Alwan; Klease; Cartwright; Proudlove; Rundell; Waters; S Wilson; Che; Mangakahia; Lambooy; Heitman; Kimler; Wallis; Singh; Tenaglia; Corbett; Joc; Nicholson; Wu; Verwater; Bosomworth; Cooper; Macaulay; McKenzie; Lovisi; Collins; I Blunt; Nardone; Truong; Thomson; Ruhle; Hartley; Omeli; Vega Garcia; B Barrett; Kennedy; Kireev; Butler; Chen; Caiulo; Harney; Sharma; Bushby; Awan; Waira; Naolu; Choi; Green; Borg; Devaan; Marrable; Oroto; Southey; Shah; Augustin; K Mitchell; Stephens; Tomovich.

Proctor looks to celebrate all newly admitted solicitors and congratulate them on this significant achievement. Please email details to Ensure you include some details of your current role, along with a quality head-and-shoulders image.

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