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Family Court Judge Bertone was welcomed at a ceremony in Brisbane on Friday. Photos: Supplied

Queensland’s newest Federal Circuit and Family Court judge paid tribute to her own family when she was welcomed to the role at a ceremonial sitting in Brisbane on Friday.

Judge Anna Bertone expressed her gratitude to her husband and three children at the Commonwealth Law Courts Building, where representatives of the profession spoke of the family support needed to reach the rank of judicial officer.

Judge Bertone was called to the Bar in 2014.

Judge Bertone said her husband’s biggest job was “just being my rock”.

“He is my support. He is everything a spouse should be. So that’s his job – to be my biggest cheerleader in this place,” she said.

“My children … you are all marvellous and I would not be here without your support and your patience for Mum being busy all the time, and Mum not having time, and Mum travelling, and Mum being tired and falling asleep on the couch.”

Judge Bertone was admitted in Western Australia 30 years ago. After practising in Perth for more than a decade, she moved to Queensland and was called to the Bar in 2014. She officially began her judge role a month ago.


She said she “fell into” family law, and “it’s kept me ever since”.

“It’s an area of law I’m very passionate about. It is important work this court does and I am grateful to be part of the process …” she said.

Judge Bertone’s other passions include women in law, karaoke, Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Among those to pay tribute at the sitting was Elizabeth Shearer, Law Council of Australia Executive Director and former Queensland Law Society President.

Elizabeth said Judge Bertone had been a committed advocate, “not just for clients but for the humane practice of family law”.

“You have been committed to working in our family law system in a way that best support those who turn to our profession and our courts, during the most  stressful and difficult of times,” she said.


“Your dedication to your clients, your collegiate approach to your work and your unfailing good sense and kindness have made this aspiration a reality in your own practice.

“You now bring to this busiest of benches, courtesy, patience, legal acuity and diligence that will serve well those who come before you.

“If I can offer any advice to those who appear before you, it is to demonstrate those same qualities of courtesy, acuity and diligence so that we do not try your patience.”

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