Meet QLS 2021 President Elizabeth Shearer


About QLS 2021 President Elizabeth Shearer

Elizabeth Shearer is one of two Legal Practitioner Directors of Shearer Doyle Law, a small practice which also operates as Doyle Family Law and Affording Justice. Affording Justice was established by Elizabeth as an innovative ‘low bono’ service to fill some of the gap for people who are not eligible for free legal services but who cannot afford to engage a lawyer in the traditional way. She was a member of QLS Council from 2014 to 2017, and again from 2019, when she was elected as Deputy President. She is chair of the QLS Access to Justice Pro Bono Committee, a Director of the Law Council of Australia (LCA) and a member of its Access to Justice Committee. Elizabeth was formerly Director of Client Information and Advice Services and Civil Justice Services with Legal Aid Queensland.

Articles by QLS 2021 President Elizabeth Shearer

Much remains to be done in providing access to civil justice. Elizabeth Shearer defines the issue and seeks a practical solution.
QLS 2021 President Elizabeth Shearer
In a second extract from her Derek Fielding Memorial Lecture address, Elizabeth Shearer looks at access to civil justice.
QLS 2021 President Elizabeth Shearer

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