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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are disproportionately and systemically oppressed by the justice system. I wanted to utilise the privileges I have in accessing tertiary education to gain qualifications in an area where I can become an advocate for, and empower, my people.
, Sheetal Deo
The guide, created by the members of the QLS Diverse Abilities Network, includes a list of simple measures that may assist people with diverse abilities who frequent or visit your workplace and in doing so, assist you in providing a more inclusive workplace.
, Sheetal Deo
I believe there is a lot to be said about taking your time following graduation to not just reflect on what you just achieved, but also to avoid burnout and set some goals and take time for yourself.
, Sheetal Deo
Don’t sit idly by to wait for that change to happen and for other people to do that kind of work; be involved, and contribute to the dialogue, and help facilitate the passage of change – even in the simplest of ways.
, Sheetal Deo

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