AAT in-person hearings to return

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) President Justice DG Thomas has advised that the tribunal is taking steps to resume some in-person hearings at all AAT registries except Melbourne.

“We are mindful that there are some circumstances in which a remote hearing may not be practicable and where the matter may not be deferred,” Justice Thomas said.

“We will consider the listing of in-person hearings on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the AAT’s practice directions. In appropriate matters, in-person hearings are expected to commence within the next few weeks. Parties will be contacted by the tribunal as to hearing arrangements.”

His Honour said most AAT hearings and all AAT conferences would continue to be conducted remotely by video conference or telephone.

“We are taking a staged approach to recommencing in-person hearings because a priority continues to be the health and wellbeing of our members, staff, visitors and the wider community,” he said.

For more information on current AAT procedures, see the AAT website.

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