Courts begin electronic consent orders trial

The Brisbane Supreme and District Courts Registry today commenced a pilot program of receiving consent order applications electronically, along with granting consent orders by the registrar, pursuant to Rule 666 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999.

Any Request for Consent Order (Form 59A) and accompanying agreed Order (Form 59) will be subject to the pilot if it is filed electronically via Parties may choose to notify the registrar at time of filing if they would prefer to opt out of the pilot. Request for consent orders that are physically filed will not be subject to the pilot.

Where a matter is subject to the pilot and the order is granted, the registrar will issue the parties with a consent order electronically in lieu of a physical copy. Parties may still request a physical copy.

A PDF copy of the issued consent order will also appear on the Queensland Courts website, under the eCourts facility, and be available for court users to view and print as necessary.

If any party to the proceeding considers that the publication of their consent order on the courts website should not occur, they must detail their reasons at the time of filing the Request for Consent Order and agreed Order, for the registrar to consider.

Relevant forms are available from the Queensland Courts website. This pilot is for Brisbane Supreme and District Court-based matters only.

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