Queensland Corrective Services update

Queensland Law Society has been in regular contact with Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) and other stakeholders in response to the recent cases of COVID-19.

In addition to yesterday’s courts update, QCS has advised:

Suspension of in-person appearances for Stage 4 sites

There have been no in-person appearances on Monday or Tuesday of this week for south-east Queensland centres up to and including Capricornia. 

QLS understands that the Chief Justice and heads of jurisdiction have agreed to further suspend in-person appearances from Stage 4 sites for the remainder of this week.   This matter will be further considered later in the week.

            Stage 4 sites include:

  1. Borallon Correctional Centre
  2. Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre
  3. Wolston Correctional Centre
  4. Woodford Correctional Centre.

In-person appearances from Stage 3 sites

At this stage, QCS is currently planning for in-person appearances for prisoners from Stage 3 sites recommencing today, Wednesday 2 September. 

Stage 3 sites include:

  • Maryborough Correctional Centre
  • Southern Queensland Correctional Centre
  • Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre
  • Brisbane Correctional Centre
  • Numinbah Correctional Centre
  • Palen Creek Correctional Centre
  • Helena Jones Centre

These prisoners will be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon their return to Stage 3 centres. Contact will therefore be made with the courts to determine if an appearance via videoconference would be adequate.


QCS has advised that centres will continue to facilitate videoconference appearances.


However, due to the current disruption there will be no videoconference matters from Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre (AGCC) today, except where specific arrangements have been made.  This situation will then be reviewed for Thursday appearances.

Court requirements will take precedence for videoconference, however QCS has advised that every effort will be made to facilitate legal representative contact with prisoners with the available resources. 

QCS has advised that any issues with should be raised with centre-based contact and escalation points, see here.  There will be disruption with usual contact points at AGCC. 

Yesterday afternoon Commissioner Martin convened a media conference to address emerging concerns and enquiries regarding the operations of the AGCC, available here.

For more information, please visit the QCS website.

If QLS members have any specific concerns they would like raised with QCS, please email  

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