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Queensland Law Society welcomes the announcement of The Honourable Margaret McMurdo AC as Chair of an independent taskforce to consult on how best to deal with coercive control in our community.

QLS always supports the development of evidence-based policy and legislation.

QLS acknowledges the devastating impact violence against women and children has on individuals and communities in Australia. In our view, governments have a responsibility to continue to examine and implement measures aimed at addressing family, domestic and sexual violence and its consequences.

QLS supports the establishment of an independent, consultative taskforce to examine coercive control.

Any amendment to the law needs to be carefully defined to avoid unintended consequences. Amendments to legislation alone are also unlikely to be effective if they are not accompanied by comprehensive and well-resourced non-legislative measures.

In the case of coercive control, consideration needs to be given to the development and implementation of measures aimed at driving change in the structures, norms and practices that lead to gender inequality and violence against women as well as specialist training for police and other first responders.


We look forward to the release of the Terms of Reference and engaging in the taskforce process.

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