Government orders review of industrial relations laws

Sexual harassment protections for Queensland workers are included in a review of industrial relations laws announced this week by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Ms Palaszczuk said on Monday that industrial laws needed to keep pace with the changing shape of work to ensure that every worker in the state “gets a fair go”.

“As recent events have shown, sexual harassment and gender inequity in the workplace is a pressing issue that needs addressing,” she said. “Our review of the Industrial Relations Act will investigate industrial protections for workers subjected to sexual harassment, including the independent Queensland Industrial Relations Commission having the power to make anti-sexual harassment orders.

“As we look at current issues in the workplace, the review will also investigate protections for workers in precarious and short-term employment arrangements in Queensland, such as independent courier drivers.”

The review is scheduled to commence soon and will include consultation with trade unions and other stakeholders.

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