Update on the transfer of Queensland’s titles registry services

As announced by the Queensland Government, the state’s titles registry is being transferred to the Queensland Future Fund. This transfer will be effective as of 19 June 2021.

Under this new arrangement, titles registry services will be delivered by Titles Queensland. The state’s freehold title guarantee will remain unchanged. 

What’s changing?

While there will be some minor changes associated with this transfer, it will be business as usual for all functions of the Titles Registry.

What will change:

  • A new name – Queensland’s titles registry will soon be known as ‘Titles Queensland’.
  • Email addresses – an email redirect will be put in place, but please update your address books. After the transfer, our new general enquiries email will be ‘’.
  • Payment details – new payment details will apply to certain lodgements and eLodgement transactions occurring after the transfer. Please see the ‘Fees and Payments’ section of our new website from 19 June 2021.
  • Website – we’re launching a new website (, which will remain a key contact point for existing and new customers of Titles Queensland. Please update links in your browsers. The current website will have re-directs established to the new site in the days following the transfer.

What won’t change:

  • Our products and services – all existing functions will remain unchanged, our enquiries phone number and postal address will remain the same.
  • Our team – all our existing teams will be retained during the transfer, ensuring the depth of expertise is preserved.
  • Our lodgement and enquiries process – eLodgement and eConveyancing will remain as our primary lodgement options. The Brisbane (Albert Street) drop-off box, the post, as well as existing state-operated regional counters will still be available as lodgement and search options, meaning there will be no change to the way transactions are lodged and enquiries are made. The Land Title Practice Manual will also continue to be available on our new web site.
  • Our commitment to service – our focus remains on providing high quality titling services to industry and to the community.

A board of directors is being be established to govern Titles Queensland and a close relationship will be maintained with government departments to ensure that Titles Queensland continues to serve the people of Queensland.

We look forward to continuing to work with you as we transition to ‘Titles Queensland’. If you have any questions, please contact our enquiries team at

Kind regards
EV Dann
Registrar of Titles and Registrar of Water Allocations

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