Childrens Court forms updated

Three updated forms have been approved by the President of the Childrens Court for use under the Childrens Court Act 1992 from today.

They are:

  • Adoption Act 2009 – Form 06 – Affidavit Template – Version 2
  • Child Protection Act 1999 – Form 25 – Affidavit – Version 4
  • Youth Justice Act 1992  – Form 34 – Application and Affidavit to vary a community-based order (other than a conditional release order) by consent – Version 2.

The forms have been updated following the Justice & Other Legislation Act 2021 amendments to the Oaths Act 1867,  and were approved by the President of the Childrens Court on 6 May for use from the date of their publication on the Queensland Courts website – 13 May.

They can be found on the Queensland Courts website.

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