Diversity and inclusion through the lens of psychological safety

What do diversity, inclusion, psychological safety and wellbeing have to do with one another?

And why do we continue to have these discussions?

All very topical, red-button issues that many in society and the legal profession grasp and struggle to comprehend in this ever-changing and culturally evolving modern world.

Queensland Law Society Councillor Sheetal Deo is well placed to lead discussion on the crucial subject,

A sole practitioner and future legal profession leader, Sheetal is also the founder and lead facilitator for The Diversity Collective, an adjunct lecturer at the College of Law, and the Queensland director of Out For Australia.

As part of the Annual Gold Coast Legal Conference 2022 at Broadbeach on 10 June, a bonus digital presentation by Sheetal and PEXA’s Lucy Churkovich will be provided to attendees as part of a pack of three core CPD point recordings to view after the event.

Sheetal Deo and Lucy Churkovich

QLS Proctor asked Sheetal what challenges in the diversity and inclusion space practitioners face in today’s modern world.

“It can be tough as a sole practitioner or small practice to keep up with the changes and policies in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space,” she said.

“These ‘hot button’ topics and buzzwords can leave us feeling a little lost and very overwhelmed.

“We may know that it’s the right thing to do, but we don’t know how to do it. Or, you have limited resources and capacity to implement some of the policies and practices adopted by larger firms and organisations.”

Sheetal said QLS and PEXA appreciated those obstacles and were determined to form an alliance to make the journey for practitioners a little easier for them and their teams.

“That’s why we’ve joined forces to deliver a session that explores the steps we can take in day-to-day practice to create a workspace that’s healthier, happier and more attractive to new staff, new partners and new clients,” she said.

Join PEXA Workplace Experience & Wellbeing Manager Lucy Churkovich and QLS Councillor, Principal of Shakti Legal Solutions and D&I Advocate Sheetal Deo as they discuss how diversity, inclusion, psychological safety and wellbeing can work together to provide you a workplace that’s productive, profitable and appealing for staff, stakeholders and clients alike with easy-to-action steps.

Learn more about the Annual Gold Coast Legal Conference 2022.

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