Greens respond to Call to Parties

Australian Greens Co-Deputy Leader Senator Larissa Waters has responded to Queensland Law Society’s Call to Parties Statement for the 2022 federal election.

Senator Waters’ nine-page response addresses the key issues raised in the Call to Parties Statement, including access to justice, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, violence against woman and children, gender inequality and unsafe workplaces, and sustainability, climate and disaster response.

Senator Waters says the Greens would double current National Legal Assistance Partnership 2020-25 (NLAP) funding, investing an additional $490 million each year.

“We also recognise the significant pressures resulting from the pandemic and historic under-resourcing, and will provide an additional $310 million each year under the current term of the NLAP to clear existing backlogs,” Senator Waters says.

“Additional, secure funding will facilitate improved service delivery in remote, regional and rural areas, and to vulnerable and under-serviced communities. Funding security will also allow services to offer attractive packages to attract and retain solicitors in regional areas. We are open to discussing the proposal to direct money seized under proceeds of crime legislation towards legal assistance services.”

Senator Waters said the Australian Greens were also committed to establishing a strong, effective, independent, and well-resourced integrity commission.


“Our National Integrity Commission (No.2) Bill 2019, which has passed the Senate, outlined a commission with broad jurisdiction, the ability to act on tip offs, initiate investigations, compel witnesses, hold public hearings and publish reports,” she says. “A Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian National Integrity Commission would recommend appointment of the National Integrity Commissioner and oversee the Commission’s operations.”

Read the full response of the Australian Greens.

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