New electronic document management spreadsheet

Electronically managing documentary evidence and other material throughout the life of a civil claim allows remote access to documents 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection).

It also reduces time and cost by enabling efficient collation, searching and retrieval of documents; eliminates the need for production of multiple paper copies for mediation or trial; removes the physical burden of paper handling, and lessens the depletion of natural resources.

These advantages apply regardless of whether a party will rely on 50 – or 5000 – documents in proving their case. To assist litigants and practitioners in embracing technology in the conduct of litigation, a revised version of the document management spreadsheet is now available on the Queensland Courts website.

The spreadsheet is a very simple tool which facilitates electronic management of documents from commencement of a proceeding, including the preparation of an electronic ‘List of Documents’ for the purpose of disclosure, eBriefs to counsel, briefs for mediation and eTrial bundles.

Once the required information is entered with respect to each document in the list, clickable links to the documents are automatically embedded in the spreadsheet. From that point, the user has quick and easy access to any document relied on in the matter.

Training sessions are available on request by email to the eTrials team. At these sessions you will be given simple, non-technical instructions regarding the implementation and use of the spreadsheet in reliance on readily available, inexpensive technology.

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