2022 Jack Cranstoun Scholarship recipients announced

Five young aspiring Queensland legal practitioners have been bestowed scholarships to help develop their passion for mediation and dispute resolution.

The 2022 Jack Cranstoun Scholarship recipients – Amanda Martin, Nana Makatema, Nadia Saeed, Letticia Gooroovadoo and Gemma Sampson – were announced last week at a ceremony in Brisbane’s QEII Courts of Law.

The scholarships, funded by the Queensland Government, honour the memory of Jack Cranston, a talented young mediator within the Department of Justice and Attorney-General who passed away in 2014.

Queensland Minister for Justice and Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman said the scholarships were awarded for categories including First Nations people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

“Since its establishment in 2015, the Jack Cranstoun scholarships have attracted exceptional young candidates with diverse backgrounds from across our state and our 2022 winners are no exception,” Ms Fentiman said.

“This year, in addition to regional and general scholarships, two new categories were introduced for First Nations Peoples and for people from CALD backgrounds.

“The judges were so impressed with the calibre of applicants, they awarded an extra scholarship in the CALD category.

“I applaud Amanda, Nana, Nadia, Letticia and Gemma for their achievements to date and wish them every success with their mediation training.”

Scholarship nominees were assessed for merit and interviewed by a panel regarding relevant criteria as well as their passion for mediation.

Scholarship recipients receive training to sharpen their mediation and dispute resolution skills.

The scholarship recipients will receive training by experienced mediators from Queensland’s Dispute Resolution Branch and have the opportunity to be assessed for National Mediator Accreditation.

“Mediators provide an invaluable service to the community, helping people resolve their differences without the need to go to court,” Ms Fentiman said.

“With a high rate of success, mediators save time, legal fees and court costs for the people involved – and the community at large – and help to free up the court system.”

The 2022 Jack Cranstoun Scholarship recipients:

First Nations peoples: Amanda Martin

As a young student struggling with nerves associated with public speaking, Amanda embraced opportunities to overcome her fear, including participating – and placing second – in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Moot competition. Amanda is a proud Gadigal woman who is driven and passionate about community service and embodies the spirit of giving back through her extensive volunteer commitments.

Regional: Letticia Gooroovadoo

From lifesaving to volunteering at Red Cross and numerous other charities, Letticia devotes her time to help people in times of need. Her passions extend to seeking opportunities to utilise her mediation skills in conflict management and peacekeeping settings in both war and international conflict zones.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse: Nana Makatema

After arriving in Australia with her family under refugee status, Nana is using her education to unlock opportunities now and into the future. With extensive volunteer experience and a deep desire to help her community resolve disputes before they reach court, Nana utilises her innate skills and philosophical approach to empower people to be heard.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse: Nadia Saeed

From being on the international stage to offering grass roots support, Nadia embodies the true essence of the scholarship. Her dream that young people in her community and beyond have the capacity, skills, and support to lead their people in times of need is inspiring. Nadia was once called upon to help with Queensland Police negotiations after a shooting in her community.

General: Gemma Sampson

From a young age, Gemma aspired to become a world leader, a rock star and even an astronaut. The passion to dream continued and before long she was heavily involved in the Tournament of Minds, an international competition whereby students work together to solve an ‘unsolvable’ problem by utilising critical thinking, empathy, and any academic strategies. She has a passion for learning and advocating for communities.

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