How to make your wellbeing a priority


Making your wellbeing a priority can be a challenge amidst juggling court dates, deadlines, client demands, financial pressures and personal commitments.

The daily grind can sometimes feel all-consuming and provide us with little time to consider how we are travelling mentally and emotionally.

Finding time to prioritise our wellbeing, however, doesn’t have to be a time consuming or laborious exercise. In fact, we can build simple habits into our daily routine that make all the difference.

Here are eight simple tips to help prioritise your wellbeing:

1. Be mindful


Think about times in your day when you can give yourself a mental break. It might be when you are commuting to work, when you are getting ready in the morning, running an errand during the day or when you have lunch.

Whenever it is, consider things you can do to boost your wellbeing during that time. You might listen to music, put on a podcast, breathe to a meditation or take a detour through a nearby park. The key is to engage in something that consumes your mind and gives your mind a break.


2. Reach out for support


It is important to reach out for support. If you are time poor or find it hard to make a call during work hours, try making an appointment with a Converge consultant via the Converge App or website! Talking with a consultant can assist you to learn new strategies, skills, perspectives and tools.

3. Focus on what’s within your control


If you are feeling overwhelmed, try to limit your focus to what you can control. Make a daily to-do list that is achievable and break down your workload into doable tasks. This will help you manage your time, plan your commitments and feel more in control.

4. Seek support from friends and family


Connecting with people you trust can have a beneficial impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Feeling listened to and cared about can help your perspective and support your experience.

5. Bring natural colours and elements into your workspace


You might like to add a plant into your space or a desktop Zen garden. Simple biophilic additions like these can help boost your wellbeing and enhance productivity throughout the day.

6. Keep moving


Whether it is going to the gym, taking a walk during your lunch break or playing with the kids, find ways to keep moving throughout your day. Physical activity boosts wellbeing and improves mental clarity and focus.

7. Indulge yourself in things you enjoy


Sometimes we deny ourselves things we enjoy but this can only make us feel more stressed. Enjoying an ice-cream, taking a bath or spending time playing with our pet can have positive impacts on our wellbeing.


8. Sleep


It is so important to get the sleep you need each night to wake up refreshed and focused. Resist late night emails, social media scrolling and TV-binging and get the rest your mind and body need. Complimenting this with a nutritious and well-balanced diet will support you to maintain your wellbeing during stressful times.

Remember we all have bad days and times in our careers when we don’t feel at the top of our game. We always have opportunities to try again. It is important not to be hard on ourselves; give ourselves credit for our talents, seek support and prioritise our wellbeing.

Mishelle Zara is a lawyer and registered mediator with a background in psychology, based in Queensland. Mishelle is currently a Strategic Partnerships Manager for Converge International, offering innovative solutions for workplaces.

Converge International is available to help you and your family. Via LawCare, as a Queensland Law Society member, you have access to seven EAP streams: EAP Assist, Money Assist, Career Assist, Conflict Assist, Lifestyle Assist and Manager Assist. Your family members also have access to Family Assist. You and your family members have access to six sessions per stream per annum. To access these services, please call LawCare on 1800 177 743 or go to LawCare – Queensland Law Society.

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