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Amendments to the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 1978 start today, 3 October 2023, meaning individuals accused of specific sexual offences can have their identity published, except where it would identify or lead to the identification of the complainant.

Journalists reporting on sexual violence in Queensland now have access to a new guide to better understand the impacts of violence on victims and their families, as well as new laws which allow people charged with certain sex offences to be named.

This resource to assist journalists was developed in response to a recommendation from the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce.

The guide also outlines the non-publication regime associated with the new laws, which will allow a defendant, the alleged victim or the prosecution to apply to a Queensland court for an order to prohibit publication of the defendant’s identity.

Accredited media entities will have a right of appearance on an application for a non-publication order.

In developing the guide, the State Government consulted with stakeholders including the law profession, media who regularly report on police and court matters, the sexual violence service sector and key government agencies, including the new Interim Victims’ Commissioner.


Subsequent editions of the media guide will be updated to reflect any relevant legislative reforms which may impact on media reporting.

For more information about the Sexual Violence Media Guide, visit:

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