New civil procedural fact sheets on line

The rule of law requires access to justice regardless of social or financial circumstance. This strengthens the community, enhances social cohesion, protects core values of fairness and equality, and encourages economic prosperity.

A self-represented litigant (SRL) may have only a limited knowledge and understanding of legal rules and process. To safeguard the SRL’s access to justice, the registry is tasked with providing accurate, timely, and practical advice on court procedure to SRLs, although registry officers are prohibited from providing legal advice.

The registry has devised procedural fact sheets designed to provide plain English guidelines to the carrying out of common procedures in civil litigation.

The fact sheets provide information about time-critical events in a civil claim, demonstrate how to complete frequently required forms, and explain how to carry out other commonly required tasks, including bringing an interlocutory application, preparing an affidavit, and applying for an adjournment.

These guidelines will be useful to SRLs, and legal practitioners, who are unfamiliar with civil practice and procedure in Queensland’s Supreme and District Courts.

The fact sheets are available on the Queensland Courts website via links which permit easy downloading and printing in PDF format. Links embedded in the fact sheets take the reader directly to statutory rules, court forms and other useful resources. 


The fact sheets apply to all Supreme and District Court civil claims, although certain of the information, for example email contacts for registry officers, is specific to claims filed in the central Brisbane district. Regional specific information should be requested from the relevant registry.

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