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FLC members at the recent strategy day included (from left) Jonathan Nyst, Kirstie Smith, Lani Olafsson, Ellie Prior, Sarah Plasto and Georgina Peereboom.

Workplace relations and safety lawyer Ashleigh Fanning enjoys connecting with people and has the skills to do it.

An Associate at Cooper Grace Ward, she speaks fluent Afrikaans, conversational Dutch, and is learning German to further assist her client base.

Ashleigh has also found time for the Queensland Law Society’s (QLS) Future Leaders Committee (FLC) – she became Deputy President after the last election.

The FLC is a platform for the next generation of lawyers to get involved and the next FLC election takes place in February.

Ashleigh kindly gave up some more of her time to chat with Proctor about why the FLC is important and a great support network.

What motivated you to nominate and join the FLC?


“At the start of my career, I saw first-hand how the wider legal profession can contribute to the growth and success of an early career lawyer, and how few were afforded the same opportunity that I had in having a great support network around me.

“I was motived to join because I am passionate about bringing that same support to other ECLs and being part of a voice that represents us because I believe that the future of the legal profession needs what each of us have to offer.”

What you most proud of?

“I’m most proud of how passionate and dedicated our committee is to seeing ECLs find their place in the profession and how hard we have worked at continuing to build our relationship with the Law Society as a fairly new committee.

“The previous (and first ever) FLC committee were the trailblazers that paved the way for us to create a space for ECLs in the profession, and its been really incredible watching the current committee be so dedicated to continuing on their legacy.”

What are some of the FLC achievements this year?

  1. Young Lawyers Ball;
  2. Successful trivia night;
  3. Growth and continued engagement with The Callover Podcast – engagement has extended outside just ECLs but also to senior members of the profession and the Bar;
  4. Growth in numbers on the committee that has seen more regional lawyers represented;
  5. FLC really coming into its own and having now established its ‘place’ as a committee and having established a great relationship with the Law Society;
  6. More engagement with and from our cohort with the committee, committee events and with the Law Society;
  7. Our committee members have been offered a seat at the table of other/more QLS committees to represent our cohort.

Why should others consider running for/joining the committee?

“Joining the committee offers an incredible opportunity to be a part of the voice that our cohort has needed for so long.

“Not only do you get to work alongside some of the profession’s most brilliant ECLs on the committee, you become part of a group that is so passionate about seeing early career lawyers find the support, community, professional development, education, connections and opportunities that were either lacking or weren’t there before.

“Join us! We are here for the long haul and have an exciting 2024 ahead!”

For more information, go to webpage.

Keep an eye of QLS socials, website and Proctor for more FLC updates

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