QLRC releases third mining backgrounder

The Queensland Law Reform Commission (QLRC) has released the third background paper for its review of mining lease objections processes.

QLRC Executive Director Matthew Corrigan said this background paper provided useful insights into decision-making processes for mining projects in selected jurisdictions in Australia and overseas.

“In our comparative analysis, we focused on how people can participate in government decision-making processes about whether to grant authorisations that are like the mining lease and associated environmental authority in Queensland,” Mr Corrigan said.

“By exploring equivalent processes in other jurisdictions, we can identify the strengths of Queensland’s objections processes and identify and evaluate potential reform options.”

Mr Corrigan said consultation and engagement were key elements to the review.

“We will speak to a wide variety of stakeholders throughout the review to help us understand the key issues and to ensure our proposed solutions respond to these issues and are practical and implementable,” he said.


“This process is critical in getting the reforms right.”

Mr Corrigan said the review’s aim was to develop recommendations that ensured the process for deciding contested applications for mining leases and associated environmental authorities was fair, efficient, effective and contemporary.

For more information on the review and background paper, visit QLRC website.

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